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The metal building industry has increased its share of the low rise, nonresidential market to an all-time high. It is growing at a much faster rate than the market in general because of the ever increasing variety of applications for this type of construction.

The traditional advantages of metal building systems have been their design flexibility (particularly large column free floor areas), consistent quality, speed of construction, and predictability of costs and completion schedules. These features remain as valid today as they were when the industry was in its infancy, over fifty years ago. Increasingly, architects, design professionals, and owners have realized the efficiency they gain in working with these systems. And architects lose none of their creative freedom in combining aesthetically attractive and functional metal systems with conventional building materials.

The result has been the growth of metal building systems into a limitless variety of end use applications to provide functional and comfortable spaces for offices, factories, education, recreation, commerce, industry, and other special purposes.

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When buying a building one needs the assurance that the contractor and the building system supplier will stand behind their promises. At Butler, we have become the world leader in engineered building systems by providing a unique and powerful package in the fragmented and high risk construction market.

  • Product features that provide exceptional performance and value for discriminating buyers.
  • Financial strength and ownership/management continuity that assure after-sale responsiveness and integrity of relationship.
  • Investments in research and development and quality assurance that are unique in the building systems industry.
  • Ethical, motivated associates with long experience and deep knowledge in their areas of responsibility.
  • Butler Builders, the broadest and most qualified builder network, ensuring quality erection and construction services.
  • Global capabilities for customers as they develop needs for assistance with their facilities in international markets.
  • Strategic alliances with multi-national firms deliver the capability to simultaneously execute projects regionally, nationally, or globally.

A similar question is "how much does a bag of groceries cost?" -- it depends on what is in the bag. Prices vary depending on the design loads and codes, spacing between columns, material finishes, accessories, location, etc. To obtain a realistic cost we recommend you contact your local Butler Builder or Butler sales representative. Butler will assist an owner in developing an efficient building layout, specifications for the facility, and provide a comprehensive proposal.

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At Butler, we are committed to quality in engineering, manufacturing, and overall operations. All Butler engineered building systems are designed and manufactured according to the same stringent guidelines.

Butler is the only metal building manufacturer with its own Research and Development center. Our Butler R&D facility was established in 1959. It is situated on 12 acres of outdoor testing grounds near our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Our entire product line is continually tested for performance and integrity.

The operation of Saudi Building Systems Mfg. Company in Jeddah, in addition to being backed by Butler's quality standards, is also ISO 9001-certified.

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Yes, typically Butler provides the building shell but we can arrange complete turn-key projects through our network of Butler Builders.

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There is no limit to the size of the footprint of the building. While most Butler building systems are low rise (1-2 story), we do have multi-story capabilities.

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Yes, Butler provides clearspan frames for structures such as airplane hangars, etc. where large column free area is necessary. The most economical framing method, however, is to include interior columns when spans are more than 60 feet.

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Years ago, the phrase "metal buildings" was synonymous with "tin shed." Today, Butler's engineered building systems go far beyond the traditional industrial structures. Our buildings range from warehouses and distribution centers to multi-story office buildings to churches, schools, and athletic centers. The aesthetic appeal and variety of end uses for metal building systems are only limited by your imagination.

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Butler has been in the international arena for over 50 years. Butler established its Kansas City based Export Division in 1945 and has since grown rapidly. It is now part of BlueScope Buildings and through its global brands, provides engineered building solutions and country-specific construction services around the world. Together we offer an experienced group of bilingual associates that are accustomed to working with leading multinational companies and local customers. This network of professionals, engineers, designers, project managers and construction experts, can help our customers navigate through the complexity of in-country building regulations. BlueScope Buildings operates in 17 countries with 25 manufacturing locations on 4 continents.

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Butler Manufacturing is now part of BlueScope Buildings and through its global brands, provides engineered building solutions and country-specific construction services around the world. BlueScope Buildings operates in 17 countries with 25 manufacturing locations on 4 continents.

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Various considerations determine where we will manufacture a building including engineering and plant capacity, exchange rates, trade agreements, shipping costs, and design codes.

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Yes, we have the capability of providing buildings that are dimensioned in either metric or imperial.

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Yes, Butler offers our customers the weathertight Butler MR-24 roof system, the most specified roof system in the industry. The MR-24 roof system was developed at Butler's own research and development center outside of Kansas City, Missouri in 1969. Roof panels are permanently seamed together using the our patented Pittsburgh double-lock seam assure structural integrity and keep moisture out. Since its introduction, the MR-24 roof system's performance has been unsurpassed by any roof system on the market. Today, the MR-24 roof systems cover millions of square meter areas, sheltering people, products, and equipment all over the world.

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